Prof. Ambrish Singh

Dr. Ambrish Singh
School of New Energy and Materials
Southwest Petroleum University
8 Xindu District-610500, Chengdu City
Sichuan Province, P.R.China.

Dr. Ambrish Singh is working as Professor in School of Materials Science and Engineering, Southwest Petroleum University, China. He is leading the Corrosion Research Group (CRG) with master students, Ph.D. students and post doc researchers. His research interests are mainly focused on corrosion, electrochemistry, green chemistry, quantum chemistry, smart coatings, polymers, nano-materials, composites, and petroleum engineering. He got the prestigious Sichuan 1000 Talent Award from the Sichuan government, China for his outstanding research contributions as a faculty. He got the President’s Award for exceptional post-doctoral research work. He also received the Young Scientist Award from UPCST, Lucknow, India. He has published more than 100 SCI peer-reviewed research papers in high impact journals. He is acting as reviewer for more than 40 high impact journals and editor for few journals. He is included as board member in several journals due to his contributions in the field of corrosion. Dr. Singh has been invited to present his work in several national and International conferences, seminars and workshops. He is the author of several book chapters and he is the editor of a book which is ready to be published by Intech publishers, London, United Kingdom. He has drafted five patents based on his new and innovative findings. He has finished several state and provincial projects in China and India. He is the member of NACE (National Association for Corrosion Engineers, Houston, USA), Society for Petroleum Engineers (SPE), and American Chemical Society (ACS).

Recent Publications:

  1. Ambrish Singh et. al “Corrosion inhibition performance of imidazolidine derivatives for J55 pipeline steel in acidic oilfield formation water: Electrochemical, surface and theoretical studies,” Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers, 95 (2019) 341-356.
  2. Ambrish Singh et. al “A combined electrochemical and theoretical analysis of environmentally benign polymer for corrosion protection of N80 steel in sweet corrosive environment,” Results in Physics, 13 (2019) 102116.
  3. Ambrish Singh et. al.”The effect of N-heterocyclic compound on corrosion inhibition ofJ55 steel in sweet corrosive medium,” New Journal of Chemistry (2019) DOI: 10.1039/c9nj00356h
  4. Ambrish Singh et. al.“Synthesis and investigation of pyran derivatives as acidizing corrosion inhibitors for N80 steel in hydrochloric acid: Theoretical and experimental approaches,” Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 762 (2018) 347-362.
  5. Ambrish Singh et. al. “An impending inhibitor useful for the oil and gas production industry: Weight loss, electrochemical, surface and quantum chemical calculation,” Scientific Reports, 7 (2017) 14904-14921.
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