Mr. Haridas V


Sensing Technologies for Autonomous Driving

Mr. Haridas V
Lead Functional Safety Architect for the ADAS solutions,
NXP Semiconductors, Eindhoven, Netherlands

Keynote Talk Abstract:

After more than two decades of research, advanced driver assisted systems (ADAS) are common in many vehicles available in the market. The trend now is to go for fully automated driverless systems. These systems respond to the information provided by a cluster of onboard sensors, and many of them are developed using the latest semiconductor technologies. Such sensors indicate the vehicle state, its environment, and other dynamic driving conditions around the vehicle. The selection and arrangement of sensors play a key role in the design of such a system, and after all, it must be safe to operate. This presentation provides a review of existing, novel, and upcoming sensor technologies, their relation to semiconductor technologies, how to make it cost-effective, and safe to operate. As an example, the details of current and future generation single-chip millimeter-wave radar system architecture and related technology challenges are presented. Finally, a snapshot of the future challenges for sensing technologies and perception are also presented, concluded with an overview of the various technology trends that will show the intention of the market in sensors technologies for Automated Vehicles.

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