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International Conference on Innovations in Manufacturing (ICIM 2018)

Accepted and presented papers will be submitted for inclusion to CRCnetbase of CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group


The constituent conference conducted by Department of Production Engineering of GECT as a part of ICETEST 2018 is on the enabling theme of ‘Innovations in Manufacturing’ and is aptly titled ‘ICIM – 2018’.


Technology is advancing at an increasing pace making curricula obsolete quite fast. In this context, seminars and workshops focusing on modern trends in Engineering, Processes, Management, Manufacturing and Systems are very important for students and faculty alike to keep them informed about the latest developments.

Ever increasing demand for essential and rapacious requirements have propelled research and development in all aspects of products and services. The researches in the areas of manufacturing, processes and systems have resulted in increasing the productivity, decreasing costs and incorporating new features in products. The theme of the Conference is “Innovations in Manufacturing” and encompasses developments in all sections of Manufacturing like Materials, Operations, Management, and Design and so on.

This conference is planning to have lectures on state-of-the-art topics by eminent personalities in different fields of engineering. The conference also intends to provide a platform for researchers of the nation to showcase their engineering and technological research outputs. In tune with the above objective, the Conference Secretariat requests the pleasure of participation from researchers, practitioners, academia and all interested in/associated with the theme of ‘Innovations in Manufacturing’ either by contributing research papers/articles for oral/poster presentation or by attending the conference. The papers may be related to one or more of the topics listed in the Section on Conference Topics.


The International Conference on ICIM-2018 organized as part of ICETEST 2018 will ensure deliberations on a slew of related topics which include but are not limited to the following

  • Operations
    • Operations Research
    • Optimization
    • Quality management
    • Supply chain management
  • Product Design
    • CAD.
    • Product data management
    • Concurrent Engineering
    • Virtual reality
  • Manufacturing
    • Advanced manufacturing processes
    • Robotics
    • Automation
    • Flexible manufacturing system
    • Surface engineering
  • Materials
    • Material Science
    • Nano materials
    • Smart materials
    • Composites
    • Future generation materials

About Production Engineering Department

Production Engineering Department of Government engineering College, Thrissur offers an undergraduate programme in Production Engineering an d a postgraduate programme in Manufacturing Systems Management. It has got well qualified faculty and state of the art laboratories. All the faculty members of the department occupy key role in the college administration in addition to their regular academic works. Production Engi neering Department regularly organises short term training programmes and national conferences. Regular paper presentation programmes, visit ing faculty programmes, career development programmes, industry visits and technical talks are organised for students as well.


Dr. Manjith Kumar B.
Associate Professor, Production Engineering

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