International Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering, Science and Technology

Government Engineering College Trichur (GECT) has been organizing its biennial International Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering, Science & Technology (ICETEST) since 2009 and the last one in the series was conducted in the year 2015. Overwhelming response to past conferences has inspired us to keep up the momentum by launching ICETEST 2018. The conference is being held from 18th to 20th January 2018 and the main conference theme is ‘Society, Energy and Environment’. The fact that GECT is celebrating its Diamond Jubilee year in 2017-18 makes this edition of ICETEST all the more special. As has been the tradition, ICETEST 2018 would be realized by the fulfillment of eight constituent international conferences; one each held in the Departments of Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Production Engineering, Computer Science and School of Architecture. These constituent conferences are on sub-themes of current topics / developments in the respective disciplines, with focus on the main theme ‘Society, Energy and Environment’.

Conflict between Energy and Environment has been of global significance lately and academic research need to support the industry and society through socially and environmentally sustainable outcomes. The conferences aim to discuss and disseminate major advances in technologies for Society, Energy and Environment. Apart from the customary plenary sessions, the international conference will include keynote speeches, lectures on state of the art technology, panel discussions, oral presentation sessions and poster presentations. Outstanding speakers, faculty and scholars from all over the world will present their research in modern technologies, providing solutions using sustainable technologies. We sincerely hope that the blend of pleasant weather and beautiful landscapes of Kerala, rich cultural heritage of Thrissur city, professional and social networking and warm hospitality will make the scientific event richer.

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Topic : Recent Trends in sensor technologies

Professor Department of Instrumentation and applied physics

Topic : Issues and challenges in geotechnical investigations

PhD in Geotechnical Engg

Leading geotechnical and structural consultant


<b>Topic : Solid waste management</b>

PhD in Environmental Engg from IIT Bombay

Number of research publications-90

Prof. Umesh C. Chaube

Ex Emeritus Fellow IIT Roorkee & UN-FAO Consultant 

Visiting Professor-Civil Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology Indore

visit profile http://people.iiti.ac.in/~chaube/

Dr. Jian Sun

Professor, Department of Electrical, Computer, and Systems Engineering (ECSE)
Director, New York State Center for Future Energy Systems (CFES)
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Contact Information

110 8th Street, CII 8015 � CFES
Troy, NY 12180-3590
Phone: (518) 276-8297, Fax: (518) 276-2387
E-Mail: jsun@rpi.edu


Research Areas

Power electronics and energy systems; Specific research interests include

  • Energy conversion and control for solar, wind, and other renewable and distributed generation technologies; offshore wind, HVDC and FACTS
  • Grid integration of solar and wind energy; stability and power quality of power grid with deep penetration of renewable energy and distributed generation
  • Smart grids, micro-grids; mobile and autonomous energy systems (aircraft, ships, ground vehicles); system modeling and control
  • Energy storage applications in renewable energy systems
  • Modular power conversion and advanced PWM and control techniques for modular power converters
  • High-frequency power conversion using wide bandgap semiconductor devices (GaN and SiC); modular power conversion system architecture and control
  • Efficient energy utilization; high-efficient power conversion and conditioning for electronics, communication, lighting, and other applications
  • Electromagnetic interference (EMI) in power and power electronic systems; high-performance power conversion for aerospace applications
  • General power electronic circuit topologies, modeling, and control

Current Research Projects

  • Stability and Control of Cluster Converters Connected to Weak Grid
  • HVDC Transmission Architecture and Control for Offshore Wind
  • Voltage Stability and Control in Smart Grid
  • DC Micro Grid for Integration of Renewable Energy and Energy Storage
  • Integrated Single-Chip Solid State Lighting Driver Developing Using GaN Devices
  • GaN-Based High Frequency Power Conversion for Aircraft Applications
  • EMI Modeling and Design Optimization for More Electric Aircraft
  • Aircraft Power System Modeling and Simulation
  • High Density, High Efficiency Electrical Power Generation System for UAS Applications

Professional Services (Partial List)

  • Editor-in-Chief, IEEE Power Electronics Letters
  • Guest Editor, IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, Special Issue on Modeling and Advanced Control
  • Administrative Committee (AdCom) Member, IEEE Systems Council
  • Chair, IEEE Power Electronics Society Technical Committee on Modeling, Simulation, and Control
  • General Chair, 2006 IEEE Workshop on Computers in Power Electronics
  • Co-Chair, Technical Program Committee of 4th IEEE Energy Conversion Conference and Exposition (ECCE 2012)
  • Vice Chair, Technical Program Committee of 2nd IEEE Energy Conversion Conference and Exposition (ECCE 2010, Atlanta, September 2010)
  • Publication Chair, 1st IEEE Energy Conversion Conference and Exposition (ECCE)
  • Vice Technical Program Committee Chair, 1st IEEE Energy Conversion Conference and Exposition (ECCE)
  • Consultant to a dozen US companies


  • ECSE/EPOW 4080 � Semiconductor Power Electronics (offered every fall semester)
  • EPOW 6820 � Power Quality (offered in the spring semester of odd-numbered years)
  • EPOW 6090 � Advanced Power Electronics Lab (offered in the spring semester of even-numbered years)
  • Independent Studies on Modeling and Control in Power Electronics, Voltage Source Converters, and Power Electronic Systems

Education and Industry Experience

  • Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, University of Paderborn , Paderborn, Germany, 1995
  • MS in Electrical Engineering, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics , China, 1989
  • BS in Electrical Engineering, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics , China, 1984
  • Post-Doctoral Fellow, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering , Georgia Institute of Technology , 1996-1997
  • Senior Engineer, Advanced Technology Center , Rockwell Collins , 1997-1999
  • Principal Engineer, Advanced Technology Center , Rockwell Collins , 2000-2002

Vinod Khadkikar
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Bio Associate Professor – Electrical Power Engineering
Email : – vkhadkikar@masdar.ac.ae (mailto:vkhadkikar@masdar.ac.ae)
Associate Professor – Electrical Power Engineering
Phone number: +971 2 810 9163
Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, École de technologie supérieure, Montréal, Canada, 2008
M.Tech., Power Electronics, Electrical Machines and Drives, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi, India, 2002
Dr.Khadkikar joined Masdar Institute as an Assistant Professor in the Electric Power Engineering Program. He holds a PhD in Electrical
Engineering from cole de Technologie Supérieure, Montreal, Canada (2008). He also holds an MTech in Power Electronics, Electrical
Machines and Drives, from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi, India (2002).
From April 2010 to December 2010, he was a Visiting Faculty at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, USA. Prior to
joining the Masdar Institute, he worked as a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, the
University of Western Ontario, London (ON), Canada (December 2008 to March 2010). He received a number of scholarships including
MHRD (Government of India), Ministry of Education of Quebec (Canada), scholarship awarded by École de Technologie Supérieure, IEEE
Industrial Electronics travel grant.
Courses/Teaching interests:
Dr. Khadkikar’s current research interests include application of power electronics in renewable energy systems and smart grid, grid
interconnection issues, electric power quality enhancement, active power filters and static reactive power compensation.
EPE504: Power Electronics
EPE604: Power Quality and FACTS Devices
FDN456: Energy Conversion
Advisor to current Masdar Institute students
Imran Syed (PhD)
Khaled Alobaidli (PhD)
Vinod Khadkikar
10/20/2017 Vinod Khadkikar
https://www.masdar.ac.ae/aboutus/management/faculty-directory/item/5729-vinod-khadkikar 2/3
Bharath Babu Ambati (PhD)
Preetha Sreekumar (PhD)
Isaac Otchere
Alexandros Tsoupos
Abdul Mannan Rauf
Research Interest/Research Projects
Application of power electronics in renewable energy systems
Grid interconnection issues, electric power quality
Active power filters
Static reactive power compensation.
Current Research Project(s):
Grid-connected Photovoltaic Power Systems: Modeling, Topology and Monitoring
PIs: V. Khadkikar, W. Xiao, J. Kirtley and D. Perreault; MIT-Masdar Institute collaborative research
Design, Development and Implementation of Shunt Active Power Filter to Enhance the Electric Power Quality
PI: Dr. Vinod Khadkikar, Co-PI: Dr. Hatem Zeineldin; MIRSG grant
A Multi-Function Photovoltaic System with Maximum Power Point Tracking, Islanding Detection, and Power Quality Enhancement
PI: Dr. Weidong Xiao, Co-PIs: Dr. Hatem Zeineldin and Dr. Vinod Khadkikar; MIRSG grant
Monitoring and Optimization of Renewable Energy Generation using Wireless Sensor Data Analytics
Qasim M, Kanjiya P and Khadkikar V, “Artificial Neural Network based Phase Locking Scheme for Active Power Filters”, accepted for publication in IEEE
Transactions Industrial Electronics, August 2013 (in press).
Hanif M, Khadkikar V, Xiao W and Kirtely J, “Two degrees of freedom active damping technique for an LCL filter based grid connected PV systems”, IEEE Trans
Industrial Electronics, June 2013 (in press).
Alaraifi S, Moawwad A, Moursi M and Khadkikar V, “Voltage booster schemes for fault ride through enhancement of variable speed wind turbines”, IEEE Trans
Sustainable Energy, May 2013 (in press).
Edwin F., Xiao W and Khadkikar V, “Dynamic Modeling and Control of Interleaved Flyback Module Integrated Converter for PV Power Applications”, IEEE Trans
Industrial Electronics, vol.61, no.3, pp.1377-1388, March 2014.
Kanjiya P, Khadkikar V and Zeineldin H, “A Non-Iterative Optimized Algorithm for Shunt Active Power Filter under Distorted and Unbalanced Supply Voltages”,
IEEE Trans Industrial Electronics, vol.60, no.12, pp.5376-5390, Dec. 2013.
Zeineldin H, Mohamed Y, Khadkikar V and Pandi R, “A protection coordination index for evaluating distributed generation impacts on protection for meshed
distributed systems”, IEEE Trans Smart Grid, vol.4, no.3, pp.1523-1532, Sept. 2013.
Khadkikar V, “Fixed and Variable Power Angle Control Methods for UPQC: Operation, Control and Impact Assessment on Shunt and Series Inverter kVA
Loadings”, IET Power Electronics, vol.6, no.7, pp.1299-1307, August 2013.
Moawwad A, Khadkikar V, and Kirtley J, “A New P-Q-V Droop Control Method for Interline Photovoltaic (I-PV) Power System,” IEEE Transactions Power Delivery,
vol.28, no.2, pp.658-668, April 2013.
Khadkikar V, “Enhancing Electric Power Quality Using UPQC: A Comprehensive Overview”, IEEE Transactions Power Electronics, vol.27, no.5, pp.2284-2297, May
Khadkikar V and Chandra A, “UPQC-S: A Novel Concept of Simultaneous Voltage Sag/Swell and Load Reactive Power Compensations Utilizing Series Inverter of
UPQC”, IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, vol.26, no.9, pp.2414-2425, Sept. 2011.
Khadkikar V, Chandra A and Singh B, “A Topological Research on Two-Level Three-Phase Four-Wire Shunt Active Power Filters”, IET Power Electronics, vol.4,
no.4, pp.463-470, April 2011.
10/20/2017 Vinod Khadkikar
https://www.masdar.ac.ae/aboutus/management/faculty-directory/item/5729-vinod-khadkikar 3/3
© 2017 All rights reserved.
Khadkikar V, Chandra A, Barry A O and Nguyen T D, “Power quality enhancement utilising single-phase unified power quality conditioner: digital signal
processor-based experimental validation,” IET Power Electronics, vol.4, no.3, pp.323-331, March 2011.
Singh M, Khadkikar V, Chandra A and Varma R K, “Grid-Interconnection of Renewable Energy Sources at Distribution Level with Power Quality Improvement
Features”, IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, vol. 26, no. 1, pp. 307 – 315, January 2011.
Singh M, Khadkikar V and Chandra A, “Grid Synchronization with Harmonics and Reactive Power Compensation Capability of PMSG based Variable Speed Wind
Energy Conversion System”, IET Power Electronics, vol. 4, no. 1, pp. 122-130, January 2011.
Varma R K, Khadkikar V and Seethapathy R, “Nighttime Application of PV Solar Farm as STATCOM to Regulate Grid Voltage”, IEEE Transactions on Energy
Conversion, vol.24, no.4, pp.983-985, Dec. 2009.
Khadkikar V and Chandra A, “A Novel Structure for Three-Phase Four-Wire Distribution System Utilizing Unified Power Quality Conditioner (UPQC)”, IEEE
Transactions on Industry Applications, vol.45, no.5, pp. 1897-1902, Sept.-Oct. 2009.
Khadkikar V, Chandra A, and Singh B N, “Generalized Single-Phase p-q Theory for Active Power Filtering: Simulation and DSP based Experimental
Investigation”, IET Power Electronics, vol. 2, no. 1, pp. 67 -78, January 2009.
Khadkikar V and Chandra A, “A New Control Philosophy for Unified Power Quality Conditioner (UPQC) to Co-ordinate Load Reactive Power Demand Between
Shunt and Series Inverters”, IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, vol. 23, no. 4, pp. 2522 – 2534, October 2008

Prof. K. Gopakumar, Professor

Department of Electronic Systems Engineering (Formerly CEDT)

Indian Institute of Science (IISc) , Bangalore 560012

Dr. K. Gopakumar received his B.E. (Electrical Engineering) degree from Indian Institute of Science in 1980. Later on he did his M. Sc. (Engg.) (E.E.) in 1984 and Ph.D. (E.E.) in 1994 both from the Indian Institute of Science respectively. His thesis title for M.Sc. was “A Series Dual Current Source Inverter fed Split-Phase Induction Motor Drive” and thesis title for Ph.D. was “Study on Voltage Source Inverter fed Drives for Induction Motor with Split Phase Windings”.

Dr. Gopakumar is currently a Professor at the Department of Electronic sytems Engineering

( formerly CEDT- Centre for Electronics Design and Technology) at Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore, India. He is also the member of the following professional bodies :-

Fellow IEEE

Fellow IETE (India)

Fellow Indian National academy of Engineers (FNAE)

Co Editor-in-Chief IEEE Trans. On Industrial Electronics.

IETE (India)- B.K Bose award for contributions to the area of power electronics and drives for high power applications

Distinguished Lecturer-IEEE Industrial Electronics Society

IISc Alumni award for Excellence in Research in Engineering-2016

ABB Chair professor 2016 -2018

Professional Experience – 27 years

1984-1987: During this period, Dr. K. Gopakumar was employed by the Indian Space Research Organisation, Satellite Centre, Bangalore, India. The nature of the work was to design and develop satellite on board power supply systems. During this period he was fully involved in the design, development and testing of the SROSS-1 (Stretched Rohini Satellite Series-1) main power supply systems (switched mode power supply systems) for the controls and payloads.

From 1987 onwards: employed at CEDT, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India.

  • 1987 to 1993: Scientific Officer,
  • 1993 to 1997: Senior Scientific officer,
  • 1997 to 2003: Assistant Professor
  • 2003 to 2007: Associate Professor
  • 2007 onwards: Professor

Major Consultancy Projects

Design and Development activities at CEDT are always according to the industrial requirements and as a result Dr. K. Gopakumar has associated with the following consultancy projects.

  1. A four quadrant digital controller design for a DC driveConsulting firm – NGEF Ltd. -Duration (Oct. – 93 to June – 95) The task was to design and develop, the speed and current control loop, converter control circuit for four quadrant operation, field converter control circuit and the monitoring and protection circuit
  2. Sensorless speed control of induction motor– Consulting firm – Infosys Technologies Ltd. (July – 94 to Aug. – 95) The task was to give technical advise on a high performance drive control scheme using terminal voltage and current measurements only
  3. General purpose power converter, controller using single chip microcontrollers. Consulting firm – BHEL. (Aug. – 93 to May – 95). The task was to design and develop a converter control circuit using 80C 196 microcontroller
  4. AC variable speed drive– Consulting firm – JVS Electronic Ltd. (Oct. – 94 – Mar. – 96). The task is to give design details, including the appropriate circuit diagrams for a 5hp induction motor inverter power circuit and the controllers
  5. Variable frequency AC drive for induction motor. – IPA Pvt. Ltd.(Nov. – 94 – Mar – 96) The task is to design and develop a variable speed induction motor inverter drive control and protection circuits
  6. 3KVA on line UPS. – Foresight Power Systems Pvt. Ltd.(Feb. – 95 -Apr. 96). This involves the design and development of the battery charger, inverter and the filter circuits with appropriate control and protection circuits.
  7. Feasibility study for Electric Three – Wheeler Vehicles. DASAG Energy Engineering Ltd. Seuzach, Switzerland, – (Jan. – 96)
  8. A Regenerative Electronic load;Here the three phase out put is rectified and then fed to the mains through a phase controlled converter in the inversion mode. The project is completed and is funded by the Department of electronics, Govt. of India.
  9. Studies on Multi level inverter fed Induction motor drive schemes with common mode voltage elimination for Induction motor drives:Department of Science and Technology-2004
  10. Control and drive developments for a four wheeler EV: Development of the DSP platform and design and development of a sensorless field oriented control algorithm for the induction motor drive: the project is funded by General Motors, USA-June-2005
  11. A five-level inverter scheme with common mode voltage suppression and DC link capacitor balancing for induction motor drives for high power applications by cascading two-level an dthree-level inverter structures- :Department of Science and Technology-2006-20Lakhs
  12. A multi-level 12-sided polygonal voltage space vector structure for high power induction motor drive applications by cascading the conventional two-level and three-level inverters.: – Department of Science and Technology-2008.-30lakhs
  13. Design and development of a three-level inverter for aircraft applications- : Honeywell India- Rs.15 Lakhs

List of Publications – Journal

  1. A Very High Resolution Stacked Multilevel Inverter Topology for Adjustable Speed Drives Viju Nair R, K. Gopakumar, Fellow, IEEE, Leopoldo G. Franquelo, Fellow, IEEE,accepted IEEE Transactions on industrial Electronics,2017
  2. A Low Order Harmonic Elimination Scheme For Induction Motor Drives Using a Multilevel Octadecagonal Space Vector Structure With a Single DC Source;Mathews Boby;K.Gopakumar; Arun Rahul; Umanand; Subhashish. Bhattacharya; frede Blaabjerg, accepted IEEE Transactions on industrial Electronics,2017
  3. A 24 sided volatge space vector based IM drive with low order harmonic elimination for the full speed range;Krishna Raj; K.Gopakumar ;Mathews Boby;Mariusz malinowski; Marek jasenki, accepted IEEE Transactions on industrial Electronics,2017
  4. Novel symmetric six phase induction motor drive using stacked multilevel inverters witha single DC link and neutral point voltage balancing;Viju Nair;Arun rahul.S;Sumit Pramanick K. Gopakumar; Leopoldo Franquelo, IEEE Transactions on industrial Electronics, Vol.64,no.4,: PP.2663-2670,  April.2017.
  5. Extending the Linear Modulation Range to the Full Base Speed Using a Single DC Link Multilevel Inverter with Capacitor Fed H-Bridges for IM drives;Arun R. S.; Sumit Pramanick; R.S. Kaarthik; K. Gopakumar; Frede Blaabjerg, IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics,, Vol.32,no.7, PP.5450-5458,July.2017.
  6. Low Switch Count Nine Level Inverter Topology for Open End Induction Motor Drives; A. Kshirsagar; R. S. Kaarthik; K. Gopakumar; L. Umanand; K. Rajashekara, IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics,Vol.64,no.2 PP.1009-1017,  Feb.2017.
  7. Extended Linear Modulation Operation of a Common Mode Voltage Eliminated Cascaded Multilevel Inverter with a Single DC supply; Arun Rahul S; Sumit Pramanick; Mathews Boby; K. Gopakumar; Leopoldo G. Franquelo .IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics,Vol.32,no.7 PP.5450-5458,Jul.2017.
  8. A Harmonic Suppression Scheme for Full Speed Range of a Two Level Inverter Fed Induction Motor Drive using Switched Capacitive Filter; Sumit Pramanick; Sudharshan Kaarthik; Najath Abdulazeez; K. Gopakumar; Sheldon Williamson; Kaushik Rajashekara.IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics,Vol.32,no.3, PP.2064-2071,  march.2017.
  9. Generation of Higher Number of Voltage Levels by Stacking Inverters of Lower Multilevel Structures with Low Voltage Devices for Drives ; Viju Nair R., Arun Rahul S., Kaarthik S., Kshirsagar A. and Gopakumar K..IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics,Vol.32,no.1 PP.52-59,Jan.2017.
  10. Fifth and Seventh Order Harmonic Elimination with Multilevel Dodecagonal Voltage Space Vector Structure for IM Drive Using a Single DC Source for the Full Speed Range ; Boby M., Pramanick S., Kaarthik S., Rahul S.A., Umanand L. and Gopakumar K.. IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics,Vol.32,no.1 PP.60-68, Jan.2017
  11. A Predictive Capacitor Voltage Control of a Hybrid Cascaded Multilevel Inverter With a Single DC link and With Reduced Common Mode Voltage Operation; Arun Rahul S; Sudharshan Kaarthik; K. Gopakumar; Leopoldo G. Franquelo; Jose I. Leon.. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics,Vol.63,no.8, PP.5285-5292, Aug.2016.
  12. A 3-Level Dodecagonal Space Vector based Harmonic Suppression Scheme for Open-End Winding IM Drives with Single DC Supply ; Pramanick S., Boby M., Najath Abdul Azeez, Gopakumar K. and Williamson S.IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics,Vol.63.no.11, PP.7226-7233, Nov.2016.
  13. Multilevel Dodecagonal Voltage Space Vector Structure Generation for Open-end Winding IM using a Single DC Source ; Boby M.,Pramanick S., Kaarthik S., Rahul S. A., Umanand L. and K. Gopakumar.IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics,Vol.63,no.5 PP.2757-2765 , May-2016.
  14. Timing calculations for a general N-level dodecagonal space vector structure using only reference phase voltages; R. Sudharshan Kaarthik, K. Gopakumar, Carlo Cecati and Istvan Nagy..IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics,Vol-63, no.3,pp.1395-1403,March- 2016.
  15. Reduced common-mode voltage operation of a new seven-level hybrid multilevel inverter topology with a single DC voltage source ; Arun Rahul Sanjeevan, R. Sudharshan Kaarthik, K. Gopakumar, P.P. Rajeevan, Jose I. Leon, Leopoldo G. Franquelo.. IET Transactions on Power Electronics,vol.9,No.3,pp.519-528,3.9 2016.
  16. A Voltage Space Vector Diagram formed by Ninteen Concentric Do decagons for Medium Voltage Induction Motor Drives. Sudharshan Kaarthik ; Gopakumar, K. ; Cecati, C; Istvan nagy. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, Volume-62, no.11,pp.6748-6755, Nov. 2015.
  17. Low Order Harmonic Suppression for Open-end Winding IM with Dodecagonal Space Vector using a Single DC-link Supply. Pramanick, S. ; Abdul Azeez, N. ; Kaarthik, S. ; Gopakumar, K. ; Cecati, C..IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, Volume 62,no.9,pp 5340-5347, Sep. 2015.
  18. Medium Voltage Drive for Induction Machine with Multilevel Dodecagonal Voltage Space Vectors with Symmetric triangles. Sudharshan Kaarthik; Gopakumar, K; Mathew, J. ; Undeland, T. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, Volume-62, Page-79-87, Issue: 1,2015
  19. A Seventeen-Level Inverter formed by Cascading Flying Capacitor and Floating Capacitor H-bridges. Roshan Kumar, P. ; Sudharshan Kaarthik ; Gopakumar, K. ; Leon, J.I. ; Franquelo, L.G.. IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, Volume: 30, Page(s): 3471-3478, Issue: 7,2015
  20. A Harmonic Suppression Scheme for Open-End Winding Split-Phase IM Drive Using Capacitive Filters, For The Full Speed Range; Najath Abdul Azeez,K Gopakumar,and Carlo CecatiIEEE Transactions on IE, Vol-61,issue 10,pp 5213-5221, -2014
  21. Hysteresis current controller for a general n-level inverter fed drive with online current error boundary computation and nearly constant switching frequency; Anubrata Dey,Najath Abdul Azeez, K.Mathew, K Gopakumar, Marian P Kazmierkowski IET Power Electron.,Vol.6,No.8 pp. 1640-1649,Sept.2013
  22. A Three-level Common-mode Voltage Eliminated Inverter With Single DC-Supply Using Flying Capacitor Inverter and Cascaded H-Bridge ; Roshan Kumar, K.Mathew, K Gopakumar, Jose leon and Leopoldo FranqueloIEEE Trans On PELs,Vol.29,No.3,pp1402-1409,March -2014
  23. A Medium Voltage Inverter Fed IM Drive using Multilevel 12-sided polygonal Vectors, with Nearly Constant Switching Frequency Current Hysteresis Controller ; Najath Abdul Azeez,Anubrata Dey, K.Mathew, K Gopakumar and Marian KazmierkowskiIEEE Trans On IE,Vol.61,no.4,pp 1700-1709,April-2014
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  25. A Reduced Device-Count Hybrid Multilevel Inverter Topology with single DC Source andImproved Fault Tolerance “,,Rajeevan P.P,and K GopakumarEPE Journal,Vol.23,no.2,pp-14-23,June-2013
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  31. A Nine-Level Inverter Topology for Medium Voltage Induction Motor Drive with Open-end Stator Winding”,Rajeevan P.P,sivakumar,K.Gopakumar,Chintan Patel, Abu-rub haitham IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics,vol.60,no.9,pp.3627-3636-2013
  32. A Space Vector based Hysteresis Current Controller for a General n-level Inverter Fed Drive with Nearly Constant Switching Frequency Control”,Anubrata Dey, Rajeevan P.P,Rijil Ramchand, Mathew.K,K.Gopakumar, IEEE Transactions on Inductrial Electronics,vol.60,no.5,2013,pp.1989-1998
  33. A Multilevel inverter scheme with dodecagonalvoltage space vectors based on flying capacitor topology for induction motor drives,Jaison Mathew,Rajeevan P.P,K.Mathew,Najath Abdul Azeez, K.Gopakumar, IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics,vol.8,no.1,2013,pp.516-523.
  34. A five level inverter topology with single DC-power suply by cascading aflying capacitor inverter and an H-bridge, P.Roshan Kumar,Rajeevan P.P,K.Mathew, K.Gopakumar, Jose.I Leon, Leopoldo G Franquelo, IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics,Vol.27,No.8,Aug2012,pp.3505-3513
  35. Fast Direct Torque Control of Open-end Induction Motor Drive using 12-sided Polygonal Voltage Space Vectors,Chintan Patel,Rajeevan P.P,Anubrata Dey K.Gopakumar, and Marian P Kazmierkowski, K. Sivakumar, IEEE Transactions on IE,Vol.27,NO.1,Jan,2012,pp.400-410
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Prof. Ashoka K.S. Bhat


Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Victoria, Canada


BSc (Mysore), BE, ME (Indian Inst of Sci), MASc, PhD (Toronto), FIEEE, PEng


Research interests

  • Power electronic controls
  • High-frequency link power conversion-resonant and pulse with modulation
  • Power converters for alternative energy sources
  • Design of electronic circuits for power control



Dr. Akshay K. Rathore (Senior Member, IEEE) is an Associate Professor at Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada since 2016. He was an Assistant Professor at National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore from 2011-2015. He received his Masters degree in Electrical Machines and Drives from Indian Institute of Technology, BHU, Varanasi, India in 2003 and was awarded Gold Medal for securing highest standing among all electrical engineering specializations. He received his PhD degree in Power Electronics from University of Victoria, BC, Canada in 2008. He was a recipient of NSERC Research Assistantship, Univesity PhD full Fellowship, and Thouvenelle Graduate Scholarship.  From Sept 2008- Oct. 2010, he had two subsequent postdoctoral appointments with University of Wuppertal, Germany, and University of Illinois at Chicago, USA.  He was a Visiting Professor at University of Technoology at Belfort-Montbelliard (UTBM), France in 2015.

Dr. Rathore has been working on analysis, design, and development of high-density soft-switching power electronics systems, in particular, current-fed topologies and novel pulsewidth modulation (PWM) techniques for low voltage high current aplications including renewables, distributed generation, microgrid, and electric transportation applications. He has successfully designed and developed several current-fed topologies in his lab and has demonstrated high performance. Presently, he invented a novel and innovative modulation technique to achieve snubberless zero current commutation and natural device voltage clamping of current-fed converters (songle-phase and three-phase topologies) solving their traditional problem of turn-off voltag spike and opening its market for industries. Recently, he designed and developed other class Impulse Commutated Current-fed Converters (single-phase and three-phase) with soft-switching or semiconductor devices and solving classical turn-off device voltage overshoort probem. In additon, he contributed to development of synchronous optimal PWM (SOP) techniques for low switching frequency of medium voltage multielevl inverter topologies for high power industrial ac drives and common mode elimination. He has 1 patent, commercialized by WEG Brazil.

At NUS Singapore, he was the coordinator of NUS-IIT Bombay joint PhD program. At NUS Singapore, he was responsible for teaching and course revamp on Smart Grids, Modeling and Control of Advanced Power Conveters, and Modeling and Control of Electric Drives. He developed a lab manual for undergraduate course Solar Photovoltaic Energy Systems. He is currently the leader on current-fed research area.

He secured above 3M$ research funding at Singapore through various industries and government agencies. He has supervised over 20 PhDs, postdoctoral fellows, research engineers, and graduate students. His two undergraduate students  received Power Engineering Gold Medal for their projects.

Dr. Rathore is a recipient of 2013 IEEE IAS Andrew W. Smith Outstanding Young Member Award (first working in Asia to receive this award) and 2014 Isao Takahashi Power Electronics Award. He has been listed in Marquis Who’s Who in Science and Engineering in 2006, Who’s Who in the World, and Who’s Who in America in 2008. He was a consultant to WEG, Brazil, Crenergy Systems Pte Ltd, Singapore and Robert Bosch (SEA) Pte Ltd, Singapore. He has published over 130 research papers in reputed journals including 45 IEEE Transactions and IEEE international conferences, has 1 patent, and contributed to one book chpater. He delivered tutorials in IEEE International Conferences in Japan, India, China, and Nepal. He delivered technical guest lectures at various industries including ABB Baden, Switzerland, ABB Chennai, India, GE Bangalore, India, Schneider Electric Vancouver, Canada, and Delta-Q Burnaby, Canada. He has made sevral industry visits including Nextek Power Systems, USA, Princeton Power Systems, USA, Enphase Energy, USA, and KocoSolar, Germany. He has been a Technical Program Committee member for IAS Annual Meeting, ECCE, APEC, ECCE-Asia, and PEDES. He is a Member of IAS Industrial Power Converters Committee, Industrial Drives Committee, Industrial Automation and Control Committee, Transportation Systems Committee, and Renewable and Sustainable Energy Conversion Systems Committee.

Dr. Rathore is Vice-Chair of IAS Industrial Automation and Control Committee (IACC), and Secretary of IAS Renewable and Sustainable Energy Conversion Systems Committee for 2016-17. He was IACC Awards Sub-Committee Chair for 2014-15. He is Paper Review Chair (TCPRC) of Industrial Automation and Control Committee, IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications for 2016-17. He is an Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, IEEE Transactions on Transportaion Electrification, IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy, IEEE Journal of Emerging Selected Topics in Power Electronics, and IET Power Electronics. He has edited 3 special issues on Transportation Electrification on various IEEE Journals.


Contact information:

Concordia University, Montreal, Canada

e-mail:   akshay.k.rathore@ieee.org

Dr. Nishanth Chemmangattuvalappil is an Associated Professor of Chemical Engineering in the department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering at University of Nottingham Malaysia. He received his PhD in Chemical Engineering from Auburn University, AL, USA (2010). He worked as a Post-doctoral fellow at University of Pittsburgh, PA, USA and later at Auburn University. His main areas of expertise include product and molecular design, mixture design and integrated biorefineries. His current work focuses on the application of molecular design concepts on reactive systems, integration of molecular design techniques into the design of biorefineries and carbon capture and storage using ionic liquids.

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